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Angel Cistus lozenges 30 pcs

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Cistus incanus - Angel Cistus - Grey Hairy Rockrose - medicinal plant

The medicinal plant Cistus Incanus (Cistus incanus ssp. Tauricus), is from the family of the Rockrose. Popularly called the plant simply "gray haired rockrose". Since it is known as ancient remedy from the plant world and has a long tradition of use. In ancient times, people knew about the healing power of this plant.

Cistus incanus is considered one of the polyphenolhaltigsten edible plants that are native to Europe known. Polyphenols belong to the group of phytochemicals, which are referred to in naturopathy as "phytamins". Phytonutrients have a particularly important role for humans.

Cistusblätter have proven the most highest polyphenol content of all plants with a very strong antioxidant effect. Approximately 3 times stronger than green tea!

The history of the plant looks back on a 2500 year old tradition, which BC began in the fourth century. During this time the focus was on the resin of the cistus and thus was traded Reger. The Cistus tea was especially known as a soothing tea and infusion. Particularly in the Middle East, northern Africa and the European Mediterranean area he was widespread and was enjoyed that. Until the late Middle Ages we have the knowledge about the healing effects of Cistus incanus tea yet been handed down.

Unfortunately, the plant Cistus Incanus of humanity was then almost forgotten. Only in the year 1999 with the Kürung as "Plant of the Year" they made headlines across Europe. Since then, this wonderful plant has made all over the media.

Our product recommendation: "Angel Cistus' - infection blocker (a package containing 30 lozenges)

Especially in cold periods - an effective defense. In times of increased risk of infection, one should strengthen his immune system in a natural way.

Angel Cistus: The infection blocker

acts as a protective film

forms a natural barrier

also helps preventively already at the first sign of an infection

A gift from nature

In the flower a very valuable resin is contained, which act against bacteria, viruses and fungi.

The Cistus creticus extract lies like a physical barrier to the mucous membranes and can thus effectively prevent the invasion of viruses and bacteria. The plant will awarded various properties, among other things: antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, antifungal, stimulating, antioxidant, toning.

The Cistus Incanus:

very high concentration of polyphenols

has great antioxidant potential

no side effects

so far a unique natural active ingredient



1 lozenge contains 80 mg Cistus creticus extract (> 65% polyphenols)

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