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Crystal salt, Sophia Premium, 1000 g fine

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Himalayan crystal salt , Sophia, premium quality in a cotton bag, 1 kg fine Fine... more

Himalayan crystal salt , Sophia, premium quality in a cotton bag, 1 kg fine

Fine crystal salt

This mineral-rich salt from Pakistan is over 250 million years old primeval sea salt. Double chemical control and analysis in Pakistan and Germany. Biophysically examined by the Life Test Institute.

The crystal salt was created more than 230 million years ago by the drying out of the primeval seas, which was caused by climatic changes.

  • natural
  • unrefined
  • without additives

The crystal salt is free of dirt, rich in minerals and natural. It has not been cleaned and has not been machined or processed industrially.

Application recommendation:

The crystal salt is recommended for seasoning dishes, since bitter tastes become milder and sour tastes sweeter. The inherent taste is intensified and thus increases the enjoyment value of the food. Prepared dishes or fresh salads can be refined with a mild taste, so that this crystal salt is used in more and more gourmet kitchens. However, it is also suitable for the production of a brine or other salt applications.

A healthy life has a simple recipe: the brine.

Simply draw from the wisdom of the salt crystals and let the cleansing and releasing powers of the crystal salt work their magic on your body.

In order to prepare a saturated brine for the drinking cure, you need: 250 g crystals

You get 500 ml of clean, untreated spring water if you fill some 250 g of crystals into a sealable glass container with spring water. After 24 hours, enough salt crystals have dissolved to obtain an approx. 26% salt solution. This slightly basic solution (pH 7.2) is now saturated, the rest of the salt remains at the bottom of the vessel. New salt crystals that have settled on the floor can only come loose when new water is refilled.

Be sure to keep the bottom covered so the brine can saturate. Deposits are formed on the ground, which mainly consist of manganese and iron. These deposits should not be drunk, so please always skim from the top.

As a daily drinking cure, put a teaspoon of brine in a glass every day and fill it up with 200 ml of spring water and drink this in the morning on an empty stomach. The salt content is about 0.5-1.0 g.

A brine bath is also energizing and purifying. This invigorating elixir strengthens the heart and circulation, relieves the muscles, joints and spine, frees the airways and has a positive effect on the skin. Warm brine acts as a remedy for many diseases. But you also benefit from it if you are healthy: because a brine bath strengthens you – especially in the cold months. Treat yourself to a brine bath once a week. For this you use approx. 1 kg of crystal salt in 100 liters of water.

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