New Bitter apricot kernels, 500g

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Bitter apricot kernels are a natural source of many nutrients and essential vitamins,vitamin B17

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5-HTP Griff. simpl., 200 mg, 100 v-caps.

Product no.: 05707-3

Helps natural sleep. Reduces sensitivity to pain. Acts as a natural remedy for depression. Relieves migraine headaches.

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Monoatomic elements, silicon, 30 ml

Product no.: 580293

Monoatomic gold and other mono-elements should have unique physical and energetic properties

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AFA Uralge Klamath, 250 tbl. Á 500 mg, 250 g in the glass

Product no.: 9339

Wild growing, blue-green Algae, rich in powerful nutrients for increased energy and mental vitality.

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New Omega 3 fatty acids, EPA DHA, 100 caps. (spezial offer)

Product no.: 08170-0

Supports cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, allergies and multiple sclerosis, reduces blood pressure and cholesterol levels ...

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