Germanium sesquioxide Ge132, powder, 20 g


Germanium sesquioxide Ge132, powder, 20 g

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Germanium sesquioxide Ge132, powder (purity 99.98%), 20 gr.

Germanium has a stimulating effect on the immune system, among other things, it increases the production of gamma-interferon. It increases the utilization of oxygen by the cells so that the state of diseased tissues and organs improved. It helps the body to normalize physiological basic functions, such as it reduces pathologically elevated blood pressure to healthy levels - but not deeper.

It makes the blood less viscous and thick thereby improves circulation of "smoker's legs".

It affects the endorphins as endogenous substances against pain, acts by itself and also improves analgesic efficacy of other analgesic drugs.

It binds metals such as cadmium and mercury so tightly to him that she and freed from the body also takes him from the pollutants.

This diversity makes the effects of organic! Germanium as an important tool of therapy, especially since it is completely harmless in the organic compounds of orthomolecular medicine.

In summary:
- Organic germanium stimulates the production of immune interferon
- Organic germanium enhances the effect of natural killer cells
- Organic germanium promotes the production of T-suppressor cells
- Organic germanium strengthens the weakened immunity

Detoxifying effect

We live in a world that is full burden of toxins, heavy metals and radioactive rays. With organic Germanium is a natural product available, which frees the body from harmful substances, malicious contamination, heavy metals and radioactive rays. Mercury, cadmium and other heavy metals are deposited in our body and cause serious, health problems.

Organic germanium binds all of these hazardous substances in itself and passes them out of the organism. This works according Dr.Asai so that the positively charged ions of the toxins caught in the web of the negatively charged ions of organic germanium and then flushed out of the body.

The blood is also detoxified through the negatively charged oxygen ions, which all organs and tissues forms comes to Good. In this degenerate and pathological red blood cells to be repaired again.



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